5 natural tips to relieve eczema

Nov 12, 2021

Do you know eczema? This skin condition which affects on average 20% of the population is characterized by: generally very dry skin, red patches which appear without warning, and above all itching which can drive the calmest Buddhist monks crazy... It can attack anyone, including babies . But then, how on earth can you fight eczema without going crazy?

Do not despair ! There are simple tips that allow you to quickly relieve it and treat it in the long term.

Quickly discover in this article 5 essential tips to fight against eczema, which will change your daily life!

1) The Dead Sea salt bath

Dead Sea salts are very rich in minerals. They have many virtues that help fight eczema.

First, they are anti-inflammatory thanks to the calcium, potassium and boron they contain. This will help soothe redness and itching.

Then, they have healing properties due to the presence of magnesium which repairs damaged tissues and eliminates toxins from the skin.

Finally, they help with relaxation and combat stress , which is important for someone with eczema. Indeed, the repeated itching and unsightly appearance of the patches can quickly ruin your morale, so it is essential to relax as soon as the opportunity presents itself!

The Tip:

Simply incorporate 2 handfuls (about 4 tablespoons) of Dead Sea salts into your bath.

Bathe, relax, then rinse with clean water when you're done.
You will be totally relaxed, your skin will be soothed and hydrated.

PS: Epsom salt can also replace dead sea salts! It is composed of magnesium sulfate, and like dead sea salts, it is healing and relieves itching.

2) Clay poultices to fight eczema

Clay has healing, soothing and detoxifying properties. Furthermore, it is particularly recommended for treating so-called “oozing” eczemas (when the plaques release fluid).

Indeed, in addition to its other virtues, clay is also absorbent and will dry out the plaques.

The Tip:

To make a clay poultice , simply mix a tablespoon of green clay powder (ultra-ventilated) with a teaspoon of olive oil.

You will obtain a thick and homogeneous paste, which must be spread in thick layers (around 2 cm) on the targeted area. Cover with a bandage or a thin, clean cloth to hold the poultice.

Leave it on for about three quarters of an hour before rinsing with clean water.

Your skin will be instantly soothed and detoxified!

3) Cold, an effective tip to fight eczema

It's known: cold anesthetizes pain! Who has never applied an ice pack to a sprain? This also applies to itchy and irritated skin.

The Tip:

The trick is to leave a pebble or metal spoon in the fridge (or in the freezer during hot weather!). Then, when you feel the urge to scratch, apply the cold pebble or the back of the spoon to the affected areas.

Instantly it will soothe your skin!

It is also interesting to store your daily care cream in the fridge for a double nourishing and soothing effect!

4) Cut your nails short and wear cotton gloves

We can't say it enough: itching is the number one enemy of eczema sufferers! Indeed, scratching eczematous lesions can lead to secondary infections, which worsens the situation and will plunge you into a hellish cycle.

It is therefore necessary to put everything in place to avoid this phenomenon.

The Tip:

Start by cutting your nails as short as possible (or those of your child if he or she has eczema) and keep this habit.

In this case, even if unfortunately you cannot resist scratching, the risk of infection will be reduced.

Next, consider wearing cotton gloves when going to bed. In fact, it is especially at night that the itching phases occur, because our conscience can no longer stop us from scratching. Gloves will greatly reduce the risk of injuries!

Finally, choose “anti-scratch” clothing , that is to say which does not risk adding to the itch. Avoid wool (aka the itchy sweater or scarf grandma knitted for Christmas) as well as synthetic fibers. Prefer, wherever possible, cotton and linen.

5) Cardiac coherence to fight eczema

As discussed previously, although eczema only “directly” affects the skin, it indirectly affects the state of mind. It can quickly become a cause of stress and undermine our daily morale.

Especially since stress influences our immune system, which once again risks locking us into a hellish cycle, because this drop in immune defenses is a breeding ground for skin diseases.

To combat this stress, we suggest you try cardiac coherence which quickly calms the mind and body.

The Tip:

Cardiac coherence is a method that is summed up by the “365” : 3 times a day, 6 breaths per minute, for 5 minutes.

It consists of inhaling for 5 seconds, then exhaling for 5 seconds. You can do it sitting or standing, but not lying down.

At a rate of 5 minutes per day, you will observe increasingly effective and rapid relaxation.

When you control your stress, you control your body, and you control your itching!

We hope that these 5 tips will help you fight eczema effectively; find more benefits in our complete guide . Above all, be regular and don’t give up!

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