Our innovation

Do you know that Olie Neela stands out from other brands with an incredible ingredient?

Our dermatological laboratory FaroemLab has developed a revolutionary and yet very simple complex, which goes back to basics: more active ingredients, fewer harmful components, and
a cutting-edge biomimetic formulation.

The best comes from nature. Let us tell you about the exceptional properties of our flagship ingredient: Blackcurrant Bud.

The Bud with 1000 benefits

The blackcurrant bud is one of the major buds of gemmotherapy, the science which makes it possible to use the medicinal virtues of the most living part of plants. And what in nature concentrates all the potential of the plant? It's the bud.

Cassis bud has remarkable concentrations:

- Flavonoids

- Amino acids

- Phenolic derivatives

- Vitamin C

It thus has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Nicknamed “cortisone-like”, blackcurrant bud is one of the pillars of our formulas.

It gently soothes even the most reactive skin.

Discover its application in our Apaiz' cream.

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The Synergy of the Fabulous 8

We combine, with blackcurrant bud, a clever complex of 8 virgin and organic vegetable oils. This gives us our revolutionary asset, powered by these fabulous 8s.

This unique Fab-8 blend, resulting from 4 years of experimentation, is rich in omega 3, omega 6 as well as vitamins A, C & E. Its precious and effective molecules have been scientifically proven to be protective and nourishing for the skin. fragile.

Discover in detail the natural properties of our fabulous 8.

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The revolutionary asset Olie Neela

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Crème Fluide Apaiz' - Bourgeons de Cassis & Huiles de Chanvre Bio - OlieNeela


La peau est naturellement apaisée, elle est restaurée et la protection naturelle est rétablie. Vous êtes soulagé.

"Revenons au bon sens, il n'y a rien de meilleur que la nature. Olie Neela y puise sa force." Fatou Seck, Ingénieure, Fondatrice de la marque