Our history

Hello and welcome to Olie Neela

Our story begins in 2017. At the time, my two-month-old daughter had her first bouts of eczema. We barely knew what it was...

We had a series of incomprehensible outbreaks, tried to avoid all kinds of foods, used only natural detergents and organic shower gels... without results. We tried all the creams prescribed at the time with no lasting results.

The patches came back painful as well as the itching. His skin was also very dry. And of course, there were also many sleepless nights. By the time she was 18 months old, we had tried just about everything...to no avail. In 2018, exhausted and desperate, I decided to formulate a balm to relieve her. Without knowing it, Olie Neela's first formula, the Magic Balm , had just been born.

With this first balm accompanied by a massage oil before the baths the plaques began to disappear little by little. Her skin was still dry but it was no longer distressed and was visibly healing.

Then 2020 arrives, triggered by stress, his eczema returns more acutely and the itching with it.

I'm doing several months of research again. The composition of the balm is improved and enriched then declined into a fluid cream. Not only does my daughter have plaque-free skin, but for the first time it is hydrated and soft. This time it's not just our family, but dozens of people who test and approve it. (Discover the testimonials)

Chemical engineer, passionate about natural cosmetics, the idea of ​​launching my cosmetics brand was always in the back of my mind but it was never the right time. In 2020, when I saw the incredible effects of the magic balm on my daughter and the feedback from our first testers, I decided to take the plunge.

Olie Neela had just been born. Olie means oil in Danish, and Neela is derived from my daughter's first name.

As a mother, I know what a headache it can be to look for something simple, healthy but also effective to relieve and comfort suffering skin.

There are many natural cosmetics brands but finding targeted natural cosmetics is much more complicated. As for traditional brands of dermocosmetics, their formulas often contain questionable components.

Olie Neela we make no compromise: healthy , effective and family-friendly formulas we offer you all of this at the same time.

Moreover, if for 30 days you do not notice any improvement in the condition of your skin, you can return your products to us and we will exchange it or refund it directly.

In 2022 the Olie Neela family is expanding with a range for the face.

At Olie Neela we do not use chemical components (neither a-dodgy-dodgy, nor not-quite-safe, nor waiting-to-be-banned-but-allowed-for-the-moment).

The proof: All our products are tested by us, our children and our friends for several months before being put on the market.