My eczema is gone - Testimonials

Testimonials on Magic Balm
"At two months old, my daughter developed very severe eczema on her chest, in the hollows of her knees and elbows as well as on her ankles. After a mandatory cortisone treatment to calm the attack, Olie Neela's balm is the only cream that nourishes your skin and protects it in the long term against a new outbreak of eczema.
Thanks to Olie Neela for this great product as well as the Hydrate cream, which completes the treatment very well when the temperatures rise. Mother of 3 children with sensitive skin."
Maude, Neuchâtel Switzerland
“I gave my daughter the balm for a good week. It did her a lot of good because it's very nourishing and she hasn't had eczema since. I really like it, super pleasant to apply.”
Emmanuelle - Hauterive, Mother of a 4 year old little L
“The magic balm is really great. The texture is very hydrating and is perfect for moisturizing her face and hands (the driest areas on her). We love ! I also tested the fluid cream which is Top. Here is the feedback and I recommend Olie Neela products 200%.
Chung - Neuchâtel, Mother of little A, 4 years old.

Testimonials on the Sublime Visage Serum and Beauty Routine

“I am extremely happy with the products!

My dry skin is much more supple and I find that I have fewer impurities. But above all, I had eczema on my eyelid for more than 6 months and despite all the cortisone creams that I put on it, it was impossible to make it go away. After a week of using the routine, I have nothing left!!! I have without hesitation spoken to people around me who have eczema to recommend your brand. I am happy to have found your products, because they suit me well in terms of quality, proximity, but also the entrepreneurial spirit of the mother who created good products for her child.

Mel, Neuchâtel

" So my feedback on the serum: It's really very good, it smells good, it's "soft" and therefore easy to apply. The skin is well hydrated all day long. I would recommend it without any problem because it really 100 % natural and hydrates very well."
Mallory, Boudry
"Yes, I am very happy with the facial oils 😉my skin seems to like it for 10 days! FYI, I have very sensitive skin and prone to red patches, sunburn…! So far my skin is soothed, morning and evening 🎉🎉well done and thank you again 🙏"
Mathilde, Geneva
Testimonials Apaize Fluid Cream (Available soon)

"After testing all kinds of remedies for my eczema, I discovered Olie Neela's fluid cream. Before that I had already tried lots of things and nothing works as well as the fluid cream. I apply it regularly and the result is there: Itching and redness disappear, my skin becomes smooth and beautiful again!”

Chloé, Neuchâtel

“I found the texture very pleasant. No itching during application. Good smell. Calms eczema. In the top. I recommend"

Pierre F. - Cuderin

“The cream acts as a protective film all day long. There were no miracles but her hands were nourished and protected until they presented soft and healthy skin. We recommend the cream to those who need nourishing support during the winter” Snezana- Colombier

“I tried the fluid cream which is great. Except that I tend to moisturize in the evening because as I have combination skin, in the morning I feel a greasy mask which makes me feel hot, on top of the mask it was terrible! I recommend your products 200%!”

Chung, Neuchâtel

“The Soothe cream is really hydrating and takes care of dry skin. It also prevents the cold. I spread my children's bread before going out. I use it a lot for my son who sometimes has dry cheeks, it's great. The only improvement I would see is its scent or non-scent. My son doesn't like the smell. It doesn't bother me. But a little creamy scent might be nice. I would buy it again, it is great for the whole family. »

Mallory, Boudry