Our advice for eliminating rosacea

May 18, 2022

Sensitive skin ? Facial coloring or pigmentation for no apparent reason? Increased sensitivity to certain cosmetic products? You may be prone to rosacea. Today we give you all our advice to eliminate rosacea and regain control!

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is one of the symptoms of rosacea. It mainly affects people with light complexions and eyes. It is mainly women between 30 and 60 years old who are subject to this type of skin discomfort but it is possible that men and children are affected even if this remains rarer. Be careful, people with black skin can also have rosacea and it is even more important to consult and be diagnosed since skin pigmentation can mask the symptoms of rosacea. Rosacea is characterized by the dilation of blood vessels in the cheeks, nose and chin. Dehydration of the skin barrier is also visible, particularly around the edges of the nostrils. This redness can be permanent or temporary.

The origins of rosacea

Rosacea can be triggered by several factors but for information, heredity must also be taken into account. The major factor in rosacea and its worsening is the sun: too long exposure to UV rays, whether natural or not, is dangerous for the skin if protection is not appropriate. In fact, this can cause the blood vessels present on the surface of the skin to dilate, which can be irreversible. A sudden change in temperature can also cause the skin to redden and cause rosacea, whether from hot to cold or vice versa. Extreme temperatures are therefore also a factor. The psychological and emotional aspect must also be taken into account when diagnosing rosacea. Mood fluctuations due to hormones, for example, can, as we know, have an impact on the skin with the appearance of spots or redness when it comes to stress. Consumption of spicy or very hot products can also have effects on the skin. It is also important to note that taking corticosteroids causes dilation of blood vessels, thinning of the skin and therefore can gradually worsen rosacea. Too much or even minimal absorption depending on the case can also trigger skin pigmentation.

How to treat rosacea?

rosacea - our tips for eliminating rosacea - OlieNeela

It is first essential to consult a dermatologist to make a skin diagnosis. Worsening symptoms by using improper treatments should be avoided.

To start, adopt a natural routine to eliminate any potential additional irritations. Integrating UV protection into your routine is also important, even in winter!

Unfortunately there are no miracle solutions against rosacea. Surgical procedures can be performed but will only temporarily remove the vessels. Using creams specially designed for this type of skin problem will also help you limit the damage. You have to adopt a new way of life and we're going to give you some advice so you don't get lost.

Things to avoid and good actions to adopt to reduce rosacea

As said previously, you must soothe, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin with natural products that are as minimally processed as possible.

  • Harm the skin barrier as little as possible by limiting temperature changes
  • Protect it with moisturizing oils or creams that soothe you upon application.
  • Do not use cosmetics that are too aggressive for cleaning and hydration; avoid products containing petrochemical derivatives and overly processed ingredients. This also involves reducing the steps in your routine for less damage to the skin.
  • If the redness and the feeling of heat are too strong, you can apply an ice cube to your cheeks which will allow the blood vessels to reduce in size and therefore reduce the redness.
  • Add to your lifestyle a healthy relationship with food with seasonal products rich in trace elements and vitamins.
  • Add an activity such as pilates or yoga to also channel the stress which can accentuate the effects of rosacea

Rosacea may remain and you can learn to live with it by using products that reduce or hide it, tinted creams for example. But there remains the solution of surgery to temporarily make the rosacea disappear. As a reminder, this is not definitive and must be well supervised! It is better to learn to live with it and use tips to limit its development and spread rather than expecting miracles from surgical solutions.

Get support from specialists such as dermatologists, naturopaths or dietitians to find a solution adapted to your rosacea.

OlieNeela will also help you move towards a healthier and cleaner routine to regain the comfort of your skin and daily balance.

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