The 5 benefits of Gua Sha

Dec 2, 2021

Do you know “Gua Sha”? No, it's not a dish name. This term, which in Chinese means " scratch the disease ", is a skin care technique and therapy, which originates from traditional Chinese medicine. It consists of massaging the face and/or body with a stone or ox horn utensil (heart-shaped or roll-on).

It has many virtues: elimination of toxins, firming of facial muscles, prevention of fine lines, etc.

In addition, with the roll-on , the massage is easier thanks to its support handle. But above all, it combines with the benefits of each stone. According to lithotherapy, jade is known to strengthen the immune system and helps with healing. Rose quartz , for its part, has soothing and relaxing properties.

Without further ado, discover in this article the 5 benefits of Gua Sha and how to practice it!

The 5 Benefits of Gua Sha


  1. Helps eliminate toxins

The pressure exerted helps drain toxins and helps eliminate them more easily. The skin is therefore healthier and will be rid of its imperfections!

  1. Promotes complexion radiance

The massage stimulates the microcirculation of the blood, which will allow better oxygenation of the tissues. As a result, your complexion will be brighter and your spots will gradually disappear!

  1. Reduces the signs of aging

Thanks to the toning action of the roll-on, the skin of the face and neck will be firmer. In addition, fine lines will be reduced, your skin will appear younger .

  1. Reduces signs of fatigue

The cold of the stone and the pressure of the massage deflate bags under the eyes and reduce dark circles. For greater efficiency, do not hesitate to place your roll-on in the fridge. In fact, the cold quickly decongests and reduces puffiness. Goodbye tired look, hello glowing face !

  1. Relax instantly

This ritual also soothes the muscles and helps de-stress. In addition, rose quartz promotes a return to calm and jade evens out the mood.

How to perform Gua Sha?

Now that you know its benefits, it is useful to understand how this technique works. It consists of massaging the face slowly by exerting more or less deep pressure on the targeted areas.

First, you must practice Gua Sha on clean skin . So make sure to cleanse your face before you start.

Next, always apply a vegetable oil to your skin to allow the roll-on to slide on.

Furthermore, depending on the massage zones, there is a specific procedure:

  • Forehead “lift”: start at the eyebrows, then roll up to the hairline
  • Reduce fine lines and bags: gently pass the roll-on under the inner corner of the eye to the temples
  • Firm the facial contour: start at the chin and massage up to the temples, passing through the jaw
  • Tone the neck: massage from bottom to top.

Repeat several times, it is recommended to do it a minimum of 5 times.

Finally, it happens that the skin turns red during the massage. This is normal, because it is the blood microcirculation which is activated.

And my eczema in all this?



Is the Gua Sha technique suitable for people suffering from eczema? When practiced gently , it is beneficial.

Indeed, as mentioned previously, in addition to the benefits of massage, the stones boost immunity , help healing and promote relaxation , which is essential for people with eczema.

However, you must be vigilant. First of all, choose a vegetable oil or serum suitable for atopic skin ( click here to discover our Wild Rose and Pomegranate facial serum ). In addition to allowing the stone to roll more easily, the serum will leave a protective film on the skin and prevent friction.

Furthermore, prefer the roll-on to the heart-shaped stone, because it is softer and easier to handle.

Next, avoid pressing on areas where you have redness or patches, which are very sensitive.

Then, be sure to always clean your utensil with a mild soap and dry it with a clean towel, to avoid the establishment of bacteria or other microbes that can infect the skin.

Furthermore, regarding frequency, avoid doing it too often as this risks damaging your skin and having the opposite effect. Once a week is a good Gua Sha frequency for people with sensitive skin.

Finally, don't hesitate to leave your roll-on in the fridge to instantly soothe your itching. In fact, the cold anesthetizes the sensations, which will be useful when you want to scratch.

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